The Royal Mail has asked the Parish Council to share their warning about scam mail.
Like telephone, email and online scams, there are a few different types of scams that can be sent in the post. Sometimes they are tricky to spot.
What is scam mail?
Scam mail can take the form of fake lotteries and prize draws, get-rich-quick schemes, bogus health cures, investment scams and pyramid schemes. Sometimes these can be sent to you if a scammer has got hold of your contact details fraudulently.
It’s worth noting there’s a difference between scam mail and legitimate mail sent by companies to promote lawful services or genuine goods. Scam mail is sent for the sole intention of obtaining money through deception and/or fraud. Royal Mail want to know about potentially fraudulent mail. They can then work with the relevant authorities who can investigate and take action. See their poster here: 
Should you be concerned about scam mail, please contact the Royal Mail at FREEPOST SCAM MAIL, enclosing any items that are suspected of being scam mail, or you can call their helpline on:

0800 0113 466 or email –

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