The new Wiltshire Council parking arrangements come into force on the 19th November 2018.
The changes are:
 Sunday and Bank / Public Holiday parking will become chargeable, unless there are agreements in place with the local town councils for a free parking scheme, these are funded locally.
 The council’s current public (provided by the council’s Parking Services Section) free of use car parks will become chargeable. However, the management of the majority of these free car parks are being transferred to local providers (town/ community groups etc.). Hence, unless these providers decide to pass the management back to the council at a future date, there will be little change on the ground and they will remain free to use.
 Season Ticket charges will rise. However, following feedback from the Traffic Regulation Order consultation this will be phased over two years, so mitigate a ‘one off’ increase. New charges will not be made until the expiry date on season tickets after November. Hence customers purchasing annual season tickets in October 2018 will not see an increase until October 2019. With that increase being the lower phased charge for a first year season ticket.
 Residential Permits are changing, but not at the 2017 consulted charges. It has been decided to reduce the proposed charge to the below:
 £50 for the first permit and £70 for the second permit (at the same address) in limited waiting zones; and
 £80 for the first permit and £100 for the second permit (at the same address) in residents’ only zones.

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