Volunteers needed at Sandleaze Bank – Saturday 30 November

A message from Giles Collins:

30th November is the day the Woodland Trust have chosen for their ‘Mass Participation Tree Planting’ event as part of the ‘Big Climate Fightback’. The plan is for 1,000,000 trees to be planted on that day. Woodland Trust have not as yet sent us our trees to plant (they are due in March) but we have 50 trees already planted which need to be saved (or encouraged to thrive) which is surely just as good!

If you, or any of your friends and family, are free from 10am next Saturday 30th, it would be fantastic if you could come and help clear some land around each of the little oak saplings that were planted last November to commemorate the centenary of the end of the First World War. The trees are planted on the bank just behind the Sandleaze playground.

We need to clear a patch around each tree, cover it with membrane and then some bark chippings (we have supplies of both). Suitable tools to bring might include strimmers, shears, edging tools, trowels, mattocks etc. etc. and of course gloves and boots/wellies. 15 of us doing 3 trees each should get the job done in about an hour……

Please email me if you think you will be able to come so that I can register numbers of participants with the Woodland Trust (they hope to get to 1,000,000 – around 1/4 million had signed up when I last looked)).

All the very best



01380 728664

PS Once we have cleared around each of the saplings we can find, we will hire a brush cutter to remove the rest of the denser vegetation, effectively clearing the land ready for our own Worton Tree Planting Day in March (The Woodland Trust are supplying us then with 105 saplings, a mix of Hazel, Dogwood, Hawthorn, Silver Birch, Rowan and Wild Cherry).

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