Parish Councillors

Barry Devine      (Chairman)

Robert Goss

Richard Parsons

Malcolm Powell

Richard Slack

Nick Stokes


Wiltshire Council Councillor for Worton: Tamara Reay

Contactable by email:



Community Area Transport Group (CATG): Cllr Slack; Cllr Devine

Communications: Cllr Devine

Contracts: Cllr Powell

Defibrillator: Cllr Parsons; Parish Clerk

Devizes Area Board: Cllr Devine; 

Flooding/Emergency planning: Cllr Goss

Footpaths: Cllr Stokes;

Internet and Broadband: 

Marston Representative: Cllr Slack; Cllr Parsons

Neighbourhood Planning: Cllr Parsons; Cllr Powell

Parish Plan: Cllr Powell

Parish Steward Liaison: Cllr Stokes

Recreation and Playing Fields: Cllr Parsons

Road Safety/Speed Gates/ Speed Indication Displays (SIDs)/Speedwatch: Cllr Slack; Cllr Parsons

School: Cllr Parsons

Village Hall: Cllr Powell

Website: Parish Clerk; Cllr Powell


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