Junior Gliding Champs coming to Wiltshire

Bannerdown Gliding Club, based on Keevil Airfield, will be hosting the Junior National Gliding Championships from 20-29 August. There will be approximately 30 competition sailplanes conducting cross country flights throughout the week, depending on the weather.

Throughout the week if you happen to look up you may see the fleet of gliders circling overhead as the pilots prepare to start the race, or see them cruising towards the finish line towards the end of the day.  The gliders are launched in late morning or early afternoon using powered tug aircraft. This is completed in approximately 45 minutes and the gliders are released in different locations each day depending on the conditions and course that has been set.

During the week you might see competition crews with glider trailers arriving or leaving the airfield if they need to collect gliders that have landed away from site. You may also see more vehicles and caravans at the start and end of the week as pilots and their crews arrive to stay at the airfield. You can follow the progress of all the gliders at juniors.bannerdown.co.uk/tracking.

You can find out more information about gliding as a sport and the competition through the club at www.bannerdown.co.uk or email the competition at comp_admin@bannerdown.co.uk.

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